One of life's great pleasures is watching dogs playing and having the time of their lives. To make sure your dog's needs are met, we have two 4,000-square-foot indoor facilities with two play areas to accommodate your dog's size and temperament.

Our outstanding staff provides individual attention and plenty of activity to keep your dog active and engaged. Some of our guests prefer to play all day; some need a comfortable lap for cuddling; and others enjoy splashing around in the summer wading pool.

To make sure everyone gets along, all new dogs receive an onsite temperament evaluation prior to scheduling daycare visits. Temperament evaluations are conducted by appointment only and are scheduled any weekday.

Rates as of March 1, 2016

Single Full Day Visit$28
5-Day Pass$130 ($26 per day)
10-Day Pass$250 ($25 per day)
15-Day Pass$360 ($24 per day)
20-Day Pass$460 ($23 per day)
40-Day Pass$880 ($22 per day)
Half Days$20 (less than 6 hours)
Additional Dogs$22 (per day, per dog)